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Distances from Maputo

Distances from Maputo to the largest cities and places in Mozambique. Have a closer look at the distances from Maputo to the largest places in Mozambique.

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Distances from Maputo to the largest places in Mozambique
Matola Matola1.675,42212.5 km 7.7 mishow
Ressano Garcia Ressano Garcia2.110,00083 km 51 mishow
Macia Macia3.23,156117 km 72 mishow
Xai-Xai Xai-Xai4.127,366147 km 92 mishow
Chokwe Chokwé5.63,695164 km 102 mishow
Chibuto Chibuto6.59,165171 km 106 mishow
Manjacaze Manjacaze7.25,541191 km 119 mishow
Maxixe Maxixe8.119,868365 km 227 mishow
Inhambane Inhambane9.73,884367 km 228 mishow
Beira Beira10.530,604720 km 447 mishow
Dondo Dondo11.78,648742 km 461 mishow
Chimoio Chimoio12.256,936768 km 477 mishow
Quelimane Quelimane13.188,9641,004 km 624 mishow
Tete Tete14.129,3161,097 km 682 mishow
Cuamba Cuamba15.73,2681,309 km 814 mishow
Mutuali Mutuáli16.30,5231,318 km 819 mishow
Antonio Enes António Enes17.74,6241,323 km 822 mishow
Nampula Nampula18.388,5261,394 km 866 mishow
Lichinga Lichinga19.109,8391,436 km 892 mishow
Ilha de Mocambique Ilha de Moçambique20.54,3151,484 km 922 mishow
Nacala Nacala21.224,7951,525 km 947 mishow
Montepuez Montepuez22.72,2791,580 km 981 mishow
Pemba Pemba23.108,7371,668 km 1,036 mishow
Mocimboa Mocímboa24.27,9091,824 km 1,133 mishow

1 - 24 of 24 places